Window sales and manufacturing software.

WINFLEXUM Software for window sales.  3D window IT solutions for window resellers.

Window and door catalogue, intelligente window design software. Window sash animation, 3D window quotes.

3D window quoting software

Design 3D windows and doors. Amazing window quotes with the Winflexum window and door software solutions. 

The art of window design. Professional window editor, 3D window quoting, window and door manufacturing. Developed for the new window market roules in 2021.

Window quoting fast and easy. 3D window modelling, window and door animation.

3D window design

Window and door catalogue, fast search functions. 

Door editor with 3D doorpanels.

Realistic 3D modelling.

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Window quoting software with 3D design. Awesome print documents of your 3D window and door constructions.

Window and door visualization with 3D window design software.